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Program Management Support

Willbrook Solutions has been recognized by MDA, Army, and NASA for providing consistent, timely, innovative solutions and support to various projects and programs. Recent examples include ARES, Space Launch System (SLS), Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), Ground Based Midcourse Defense (GMD), and most recently, the USACE fixed and rotary wing fleet management.  Additionally, Willbrook Solutions supports technology development efforts at various classification levels that are aimed at technology insertion in new acquisition programs or product improvements to fielded systems. The broad program management expertise of our workforce is easily adaptable to other customers and organizations.

Systems Engineering

We have performed advanced studies and analysis in missile design and modeling for missile systems from targets to interceptors, low orbit, and geosynchronous satellite delivery systems. Willbrook’s talented engineers analyze sensor systems, command and control suites, and missile system behavior utilizing hardware models, software-in-the-loop and/or digital simulations. With an integrated approach to systems engineering, new and emerging technologies are developed and explored. Technology readiness to proceed through the lifecycle is confirmed through iterative performance assessments, trade studies, and modeling and simulation. Engineering reviews throughout the process evaluate performance and verify requirements.


Willbrook is committed to providing logistics support services that ensure customer success.  From conception through sustainment, we are committed to lifecycle management, ensuring requirements are met, and customer goals are achieved. Ensuring costs, productivity, and safety goals are exceeded while cyber threats and inventories are managed effectively is our specialty.  Willbrook is a leader in logistics process development and is leading industry into the future.  Past and current efforts include Air Force and Army Utility Helicopter, Fixed Wing and Unmanned Aircraft in training, maintenance analyses, health monitoring, Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), mod kit installation quality assessments, and supply support.  Experience also includes Logistics and Maintainability Engineering analyses for Army and NASA customers.

System Modeling & Simulation

Willbrook has extensive experience performing the planning, development, and utilization of System, Component, and Sub-component Models and Simulations (M&S). Our past performance includes a wide range of systems and applications including Hardware-In-the-Loop (HWIL), Software-In-the-Loop (SWIL), Man-In-the-Loop (MIL), tactical software integration, High Level Architecture (HLA), and expert systems. Our modeling capabilities include physics-based, Finite-Element (FE), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), stochastic, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches to system behavior, Lethality-Vulnerability-Survivability (LVS), aerodynamics, environment, debris, safety, tactical messaging, signatures, and cyber, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (C5ISR). Our fully modernized software development process and automated M&S Configuration Management (CM) generates as a natural outcome the artifacts necessary to support a formal Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (VV&A) process and address Information Assurance (IA) findings. Willbrook is ready to support the entire scope of your M&S project from a single logistic or engineering model all the way up to an integrated system level digital simulation venue with geographically disseminated HWIL/SWIL/MIL elements supported by a large confederation of heterogeneous environment and C5ISR models.

Data Analysis

Willbrook analysts utilize advanced data science techniques and tools to derive insight into complex problems or systems. Analysis maximizes the value of existing datasets frequently obtained from large investments of time and capital. Willbrook has unique expertise in data driven decision making and model development utilizing advanced statistical, machine learning, and hybrid approaches. Identifying trends, clusters, correlation, and critical parameters are just the first steps in getting the most from an organization’s valuable data. Willbrook’s forte is processing enterprise level datasets of many terabytes representing technically complex systems and extracting novel actionable insight in a form that can be presented in a familiar way to decision makers.

MBSE & Digital Engineering

Willbrook is at the forefront of the Digital Engineering (DE) transition building plans, processes, and procedures to assist customers migrating into a DE environment. Understanding customer specific goals is key to successful implementation and building of a collaborative design environment. The Willbrook vision of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) brings model data to more personnel capitalizing on MBSE concepts from initial concept and development through requirements development, verification, test and evaluation, deployment and sustainment corresponding to the functions as identified in the Systems Engineering V model.  Model data can be used at all levels of an organization from designer to leadership as a means to support informed decision making.  Supporting this vision, Willbrook is also engaged in linking or interfacing data from other data sources into the architecture model to build a larger more useful tool. The incorporation of additional data provides direct benefit for customer use of the model in analyzing complex systems and behaviors, fully comprehending system change impacts, and aiding in control of cost and schedule impacts. Developing the right MBSE modeling tools, processes and products, and understanding the customer’s objectives are part of the Willbrook expertise.

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